Beauty Call

“Nature is the ultimate beauty call.”

David Cuschieri

Simply spending time in nature can have similar beneficial effects on our health and well-being as good sex!

Spending time in nature:

  • can reduce our levels of stress
  • increase our sense of happiness, connection and well-being
  • instill within us calm
  • restore, re-energise and revitalise us
  • and connect us to deep joy, beauty and gratitude.


Nature can provide us with the ultimate drug-free high that benefits our physical as well as mental health.

I know when I spend even small amounts of time in nature I soon experience a deep sense of elation.

The word ‘elation’ comes from the Latin word elat ‘raised’. Nature has a way of raising us above our thoughts and back into the present moment where the roar of a surging waterfall, the cool mist upon our skin, or the beauty of a flower can lift our spirits. E-lation, literally ‘environmental-lation’, can elevate us.

Christmas Gifting

I couldn’t think of a better way to start Christmas Day than an early morning walk in the mountains walking through rainforest and past thundering waterfalls.

Merry Christmas all and hope you not only spend quality time with family and friends, but also gift yourself quiet time to connect with nature and yourself.

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