Falling In Life

It is easy to loose sight of the butterflies in front of us
when we are too busy chasing our dreams.

David Cuschieri

The Slowdown

The Covid19 crisis has no doubt given a lot of us time to slow down, to reflect to breathe, to re-evaluate our lives and what is important to us.

Deepening Gratitude

Personally I have really enjoyed the slowing down to do all of the above. One thing that has come out of this period for me is a deep gratitude for my life and all the beauty and wonder that surrounds me.


The funny thing is that the more gratitude I feel the more happy I become in the present moment. All those big dreams I once had fade into comparison to the joy and delight I feel in the present moment.

Falling In Love With Life

The less I am in my mind and present to what is in front of me, the shape of a leaf, a beautiful butterfly, a gorgeous sunrise, I fall madly deeply in love with life.

Deep Gratitude

When we experience deep gratitude the feeling at times is almost as intense as falling in love.

Just last night we went out to rescue a koala. It was night time and raining and the roads were winding taking us deep into the countryside at night. All of this effort was worth it to see this koala sitting on a low fence, who’s vision was impaired because of clamydial conjunctivitis.

We were able to capture him and I think he instinctively knew that we weren’t a threat as he allowed Heidi to examine him, remove ticks and soothe his eyes by wiping them with warm water. In those moments we both felt a deep heart-felt joy and gratitude simply to be in the presence of this magnificent creature and be privileged to help him.

Tuppence the koala, Numimbah Valley, Qld
Tuppence the koala boy – Numimbah Valley


We asked the members of the public to name him. It is a way to say thank you for contacting the Wildcare hotline to report him so that we could come out and take care of him. They were a lovely older couple who who so grateful that we had made the effort to come out at that time and so far. They named him Tuppence which gave them a deeper connection to the koala and to look after our wildlife.

Chasing Dreams

Sometimes we can become too busy chasing future butterflies and miss out on the beauty and grandeur that is right in front of us right now. A rich and abundant future is made up of moments of connection that we create in the present. Here’s to create incredible memories in the present, moments of deep joy and gratitude, that enrich our future tomorrows.

Falling Into The Present

When you fall in love with the present even the smallest thing can bring tears of joy as you smile from your heart. How has the ‘lockdown’ or ‘slowdown’ as I like to call it affected you in a positive way?

What do you think?

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