Dreams Are Living Entities

The Killer of Dreams

Sometimes when we dream big we can fall in the trap of killing that dream through over-analysing.

Sometimes we can kill a dream simply by getting into the ‘how’, when what we really need to do is just stay with the big picture. To allow the emotion of the idea carry us forth.

Emotion Sustains Momentum

Sometimes all we need to focus on is staying in the raw emotion, passion and excitement of the dream and allow this to sustain us as we begin to take the day to day steps towards that dream.

Allow Room for Magic

You don’t have to have it all worked out. Instead we need to have belief in the dream and then step out of our own way of trying to figure out every detail to allow the magic of synchronicity to weave its magic thread.

Dreams Are Living Entities

Dreams are life forms. They thrive on our passion and energy and are easily killed by our negative self-beliefs and over-analysis.

You Are A Powerful Magician

You are an incredible magician. Believe in magic. Suspend your negative self-beliefs. Instead take baby steps daily towards your dream in spite of yourself. It is these baby steps that will weave the magic and take you in the direction of your dreams.

Make It Bigger Than Yourself

Remember it isn’t the ‘how’ that will make your dreams come true but the ‘why’. If that ‘why’ is powerful enough and includes a picture beyond ‘what’s in it for me’ then the more energy you will have to sustain yourself.

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