Nature’s Secret to Beauty & Youthfulness

Nature has a secret to keeping you beautiful and youthful-looking. The best thing is, it doesn’t require expensive treatments but does require you schedule in regular appointments.

The negative ions released from waterfalls and forests can have a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being.

EMF Pollution

It becomes even more important in our modern day lives as we are surrounded by positive ion-producing electromagnetic frequencies from our phones, wi-fi and other human technologies that are detrimental to our health.

Surrounding yourself, bathing and breathing in the negative ions of nature is the best anti-aging treatment known.

Getting It Ion for Health and Well-Being

Negative ions have been proven to not only neutralise free radicals that cause aging, but also revitalise cell metabiolism, together with a slew of other health benefits including promoting healthy digestion, deep sleep and balancing the autonomic nervous system

Negative ions can also enhance our immune function and purify our blood.

The Positive of Negative Ions

Bathing is an important activity in our daily lives to cleanse us both physically and mentally. I take short showers to conserve water, however I have a new found understanding for  those who take long showers. What people who take long showers are doing is cleansing themselves of positive ions and experiencing the benefits to their health and well-being.

Negative Ion Bathing

Just as we regularly shower, we should consider ‘negative ion bathing’ in the form of spending regular time in nature as part of our health and beauty maintenance. Go for a walk along the seashore, or sit quietly in a forest (and forest bathe) or feel the cooling mist of a thundering waterfall. The fountain of youth is within reach for us all.

Nature is the ultimate beauty therapist. 

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  • Paul Herman

    That looks like the Warrie walk at Springbrook. Man that is so beautiful. It has so many waterfalls on that track. good for a swim.