G-Force – Connecting To The Grounding Force of Nature

G-Force is a force of nature. It is the rush of energy, the feeling of joy brought on by exposure to nature. Sitting in a park by a pond, or standing by a waterfall and breathing in the beauty may bring about a deep sense of gratitude and well-being. Admiring the beauty or inhaling the fragrance of a flower or spending time with our pets can connect us to this energy. Connecting to the G or Grounding/Green Force can revitalise and re-energise us. By ‘grounding’ ourselves in nature we can recharge our energy and spirit.

Grounding ourselves through nature
Something as simple as contemplating and appreciating the pattern of unfurling leaves can connect us to the force of nature, G-Force, or the Force, where we experience a rush of ecstasy. Moments like this ground us within the present moment and connect us to the world around us.

The Force

In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi explains the Force to Luke as

“an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.”

Ecstasy and joy through connecting with nature
As humans it is important that we connect regularly with the Force. It is this energy that re-energises us. Simply spending time in nature can have a restorative effect to our body, mind and soul.

Shades of Jade

For the last couple of months for various reasons, including lots of rain, I have not spent much time out in nature. I have noticed a progressive decline in my physical energy and motivation.

I am acutely aware of language and the ‘energy’ of words. Words are thoughts expressed. Words can change what we experience in our lives. Yet I did find myself nonetheless not always expressing what I wanted to see.

I have felt jaded, anxious about things and also noticed negativity creeping into my language. Totally unlike my usual self.

Chi Spot

On top of this I have begun to experience phantom back pains the more I was sedentary. The pain would shift from my lower back to my upper back and between my shoulders. The pain would get me out of bed in the morning and in the day would get me to get up after sitting for hours in front of the computer. I have never experienced chronic back pain, so again, I was totally out of sorts.

I knew it was time I took responsibility and released energy or chi that was being bottled up inside of me through lack of exercise and motivation.

Experiencing green force
Spending time regularly in nature helps us to unwind. Sometimes the best way to let go of thoughts is to simply walk in a forest, along a beach or sit silently in a park and taking in the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Shifting Energy

Shift your physiology and you shift your physiology.

David Cuschieri

I’m a firm believer that if we feel ‘stuck’ emotionally then to change this we need to shift our physical energy. Emotions are simply energy in motion, and if they are stuck we need to ‘unstick’ them by physical movement. A brisk walk or jog can help.

However, I have found the best way to shift feeling stuck is to physically spend active time in nature.

Today I decided to take responsibility again for my energy and emotions and went for a good 17km walk up in the mountains at Binna Burra.

Train Spotting

In our modern fast pace lifestyles it is more important than ever to spend time grounding ourselves in nature. It is too easy to loose ourselves in social media or sitting on the couch after work watching re-runs of Seinfeld, the latest mini-series on Netflix, or god forbid, get caught up in the drama of Married At First Sight (I know, sad as it is, the last few weeks saw me watch many episodes of MAFS).

This quote from Train Spotting sums up our modern consumer lives so devoid of connection with nature.

Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourselves. Choose your future. Choose life…

Train spotting – 1996
Grounding yourself in the present moment
Through nature we can rediscover the present moment, to experience wonder, awe and adventure. Nature can have a grounding effect.

Choose Your Present

The past few months, I chose ruminating over my future rather than choosing the present, the wonderful gift of now. The gift of now can best be enjoyed through activating our senses. Rather than losing our mind through overthinking, anxiety, repressed emotions and depression, we can come back to our senses simply by connecting to them. When we spend time in nature it allows us to fully engage our senses.

Green Force
Nature can take us out of our minds and back to our senses. We can one moment be contemplating the fine pattern of veins on a leaf and the next peering over a grand vista. Nature helps to move us through engaging our senses and shifting our energy.

Coming To Our Senses

Our senses engage and activates our mind so that we are not trapped in the closed loop of repetitive thoughts. Just like we need diverse gut flora for physical health, we need similarly diverse thoughts to stimulate our thoughts. Our senses can activate our thoughts.

For instance, simply walking through the forest today, my eyes scan the forest floor to avoid muddy patches, slippery rocks and uneven ground all at the same time while I look around at the abundant plant and animal life.

My eyes are surveying the track ahead, and other times I’m admiring up close the intricate pattern of veins on a leaf, and moments later I’m peering out over distant mountains.

These saccadic eye movements are important if we want to maintain our eyesight and is contrast to sitting idly staring at our iPhones for hours, our eyes glued to the screen.

Green With Sanity

Researchers have proven that people living close to green spaces during childhood resulted in decreased risk of mental health issues in adulthood. [1]

These finding come as no great surprise to me. I know that when I don’t spend time in nature that my mental and physical health declines.

Rediscovering our human nature
Spending time in nature helps us plug into the Source, to experience the Force of nature, to ground our energies and re-align with those of the Earth.

Green Space

So why do I think that spending time in natural environments is vital for physical as well as mental health.

The obvious reason why spending time in nature is important for our physical health is the exercise that we get. Yet, I think that beyond the physical exercise, spending in nature can ground us.

Well Grounded

We are electrical beings. Much like our household appliances we run on electricity.

The junk food we eat, and the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from wifi, mobile phones, and our televisions, for instance can wreak havoc on our energy fields. Couple this with emotional stress at work and toxic relationships, it is no wonder our emotions and physical energy may suffer.

Our repressed emotions can also often cause physical health issues and illness. Unreleased emotions need to be expressed and realised and often this takes the form of illness.

Spending time in nature allows us to connect with source. It allows us to release unreleased and unrealised emotions.

Nature has a grounding and rounding effect on us.

Grounding yourself to the energies of the Earth
Just like trees ‘earth’ themselves through their roots, humans need to regularly earth themselves in nature, to return to their roots, to remain human.

Return To Earth

Nature provides our ‘earth’.

Our repressed energy can be safely released and returned to the earth. As humans (human means ‘of the earth’) we need to return to the earth or humus regularly. This ‘earthing’ realigns our energy.

Energy is simply information in a certain frequency or format. By earthing ourselves we re-align our energies with the earth for optimal health. We aren’t called ‘Earthlings’ for no reason.

Well Rounded

Spending time in nature also allows us to stay ‘well-rounded’ and ’well-grounded’.The earthing or grounding effect helps reset our neural circuits from future fear-based thinking to being present in the moment. In the present when we are present we are whole, there is nothing missing.

E-biotics or environmental biotics for health
A palm tree stump becomes the perfect environment for the growth of fungus and bacteria. Rainforests are full of microorganisms that can help us to become healthier. We all know the importance of maintaining a human healthy biota.

Vitamin G

A good reason I spend time in nature and particularly rainforests is that they are full of bacteria and other micro-organisms!

Most people would not see being exposed to bacteria and other microbes as a positive, as we have been brought up and marketed about the need for impeccable hygiene to the point of becoming obsessive compulsive germophobes.

We are told to use sanitary wipes and to spend money in countless household cleaning products to protect ourselves from microbes that could make us ill. Even our fresh fruit and vegetables are irradiated and filled with pesticide spare our apples have a blemish.

Sadly these practices and marketing is making us sick. Our resistance is lowered as we aren’t exposed to healthy levels of microbes anymore.

Micro organisms in nature for health
Spending time in nature allows one to be exposed to ‘e-biotics’ or environmental micro biota. We have been marketed that to stay healthy we need to become compulsive obsessive germaphobes. Our obsession with hygiene is preventing us to being exposed to a variety of mircobiota and pathogens which in turn makes us more susceptible to diseases.


Walking through rainforest allows me to ‘top up’ on e-biotics. What are ‘e-biotics’? They are the billions of microbes that live in rainforests. They are what seed the clouds and creates rain.

Breathing in the forest air exposes me to a myriad of fungi spores, bacteria, mold, and countless other microbes. In the leaf litter and beneath the earth is a massive network of microihyzial fungus that help trees communicate. On fallen trees are colonies of strangely shaped and often colourful fungus that break down biological matter.

I believe these microbes help to build up my immune system by exposing me to an array of organisms.

Grounding yourself in nature
Spending time regularly in nature helps us to gain a sensitivity to the world around us. We begin to notice subtle changes in our environment and the more we do the more we are ‘pairing’ our energies to Earth. 1G technology is our innate and intuitive ability to pick up the subtle cues of nature that help us realise that nature is in constant communication with us. Picking up a handful of indigenous fruit of the rainforest floor, using our senses we can discover through sight, taste and smell if they are edible and ripe.

1G Technology

Communing with nature enables 1G communication. 1G is our ability to pair with nature, to ground ourselves in the present moment through our senses.

We are humans not robots. Spending time in nature attunes us to life. Walking through a rainforest we notice the temperature change under the canopy. We feel the humidity in the air. As we begin to walk we see the different plant species from tiny mosses to giant trees.

The more time we spend in the forest we begin to see how everything is connected and in constant communication. We become more attuned to our surroundings and the more time we visit the forest we begin to notice the subtle changes.

We begin to understand how nature is continually communicating and notice her subtle cues. Walking today I notice fallen fruit on the forest floor. They are almost white in colour. I pick up a handful. I inhale the refreshing fragrance.

Not knowing what they are, I split one open. I tentatively taste. It is bitter with a slight sweetness and the aroma draw me in to take a bite. It’s texture in my mouth was that of a nashi pear. A little later I come across more of the same fruit on the forest floor. These are green and not as soft to the touch and I surmise that they aren’t ripe yet.

Plants communicate to us through our senses as the above example proves. We can tell if a fruit is poisonous or not ready to eat by its colour, taste, fragrance and texture.

The more time we spend in nature we become more sensitive and attuned to the world around us. We begin to notice little things in our environment and how nature is always communicating with us. This sensitivity allows us to take these skills into our communication with others.

It shouldn’t be of a surprise that when we spend time in nature we feel re-energised. We are electrical beings and when we ground ourselves in nature we have the opportunity to upload the Earth’s frequency. Energy is information and by re-aligning ourselves with the frequency of the Earth the cells of our body and our emotions can be recalibrated to health.


Isn’t it amazing that when we spend time in nature we can feel revitalised and re-energised?

As discussed, nature helps to ground our energies. Humans are ‘earthlings’, of this earth and need to return to the earth regularly to ‘re-charge’, to align ourselves with the earth.


So what does it mean to ‘align’ ourselves with the earth? It is to re-organise our energy systems to be in tune with that of Earth. Our modern world with our constant exposure to EMFs and misaligned toxic humans can cause us to go out of alignment.

Energy As Communication

Energy is simply a means of organising information. For instance, when we continually think negative thoughts, whether they be fear, anger, frustration, it makes us feel uneasy and this energy may organise information to manifest as disease in our body.

These emotions, or energy in motion, are a form of communication. Because these thoughts are not being resolved, this energy may become expressed in our physical bodies.

5G dangers
We are entering a new era in humanity where in the pursuit of ‘convenience’ we destroy the energy systems of the planet, living things and ultimately ourselves. 5G energy frequencies are those that may signal the death of the world as we know it.


We are beginning to see the roll out of 5G technology globally. Right under our noses, while we are busy keeping up with the Kardashions and friends on social media, this destructive technology will change not only how we communicate but also our energetic systems.

Numerous peer reviewed studies have shown that the ultra high frequency and intensity of 5G has been linked to cancer, crib death, DNA damage and male infertility.

5G will irradiate our bodies and the technology has been used as military weapons. 5G tests have also caused birds to drop out of the sky dead.

It may sound sensationalised, however, no part of Earth will be free of this intense radio frequency as satellites will beam it to all corners of the globe. Expect mass insect die offs, including bees that pollinate our plants. Expect crop failures in the near future, massive extinction of life on the planet, including the depopulation of humans. This is the power of energy.

Energy of a place
Tullawalal, a hilltop with massive moss covered boulders and surrounded by ancient Antarctic Beech forest has a special kind of energy. Nature communicates through clues it provides us when we can begin to read them. We have a lot to learn from Indigenous Australian hunter gatherer cultures who have relied on the Earth and what it communicated for their very survival for thousands of years.


Towards the end of my 17km walk which took me through rainforest and numerous waterfalls I decided to climb up to Tullawalal.

I’m unsure what this word means, yet I do know this place has a strong energy. Language is a form of communication and the sound of words contain energy as does the meanings of the words.

The top of this hill there are large boulders strewn amongst ancient Antarctic Beech trees.

There is a tree that died a couple of years ago after being snapped in half by a storm. It was an incredible tree. It was the remnants of a once large tree. What was left a couple of years ago was small sections of the trunk which had leaves and branches. To me seeing a tree that shouldn’t have existed because there was so little left of it made me realise that this place had special energy.

Strength in gentleness
It is through gentleness that we become human.

Gentle Man

I’m not the only one who must have thought this. Close to the summit there is a memorial to a Gus Kouskos, a Lamington Ranger from 1937-1966. It must have been a special place to this ranger and no doubt others.

The memorial goes on to read:

Friend of the world. ‘Even the creatures of the bush mourned the passing of this gentle man’.

It didn’t say ‘gentleman’, but gentle man.

I think in these words lay the secrets to our continued future on this earth. ‘Gentle’ has become to many a word for someone who is a ‘push over’ or ineffectual.

Yet gentle is actually someone who is in tune with his surroundings. Someone who is in tune with those around them, who possesses a deliberate or voluntary kindness or forbearance in dealing with others.

The gentle are able to see what is important amidst the electromagnetic noise and static, and a world filled with selfies, and the self-indulgent.

Helensvale Green
Helensvale Green is an opportunity to bring community together for the common green. There was a time in the UK where the village green was a place where the community came together for commerce, culture and socialising. The closing of the Helensvale Gold Course provides a chance to provide a village green where humans and nature can come together and have nature help to re-align us to what it is to be connected with each other and nature again.

Helensvale Green

What is vital as we move forward is to understand the vital importance of our green spaces and protect them at all costs.

Recently I learned about a local 47ha golf course on the Gold Coast that had gone into liquidation. The land is owned by the local council and they are meeting in May to decide its future. Even though it floods, and there has been assurances that it will become parkland I wasn’t convinced after seeing other planned development of flood plains on the Gold Coast.

I decided to start a social media campaign which has attracted a core group of members who are passionate about ensuring that this becomes public open green space and also vital koala habitat that connects the existing patchwork of koala habitat in the suburb.

Connecting to our human nature
There is a deep sense of joy being able to spot koalas in the wild as the G-Force takes hold. It is this energy and connection with nature that we aim to bring together with our vision for the creation of Helensvale Green.

1G communication

Our mission is to engage the local community to the vision of a communal green. An open and partially reforested public green space in the heart of the community where residents can commune with nature, and with others. A place where they can walk and sit in nature, socialise with other, and reconnect with nature.

1G communication is where we remember our ‘gentleness’ and sensitivity to each other and nature and the importance as earthlings to constantly ground ourselves in green. 1G communication is our innate, instinctive and intuitive way of being that we need to return back to.

Through engaging community to protect and enhance their village green, to provide connective habitat for koalas and other wildlife, we have a real opportunity of creating a model for other parts of the Gold Coast and Australia to follow where connecting to the Force can make us human again.

In a modern world where we have social media technology yet feel more socially disconnected than any other time in history, reverting to 1G form of communication is critical for our continued existence.

Gentleness will save the world
It will be gentleness that will move humanity forward. It is our sensitivity to our natural environment, like discovering beauty in minute rainforest flowers on the forest floor that is now needed. Through gentleness we can re-discover our humanity.


Gentleness is actually a strength that we all have within us. Part of our mission with the vision for Helensvale Green is to engage with our local city council with gentleness. There is a lot of animosity and lack of trust and transparency between environmental groups and many local residents against our local council.

As part of our vision we want to make a paradigm shift. To begin with trust and empathy, to not criticise and antagonise council, to throw out the ‘us’ against ‘them’ mentality, and instead to work together as our slogan goes ‘for the common green’.

This means being cognisant of language. This means creating new bridges of communication where we aim to connect council with community. To build up trust and empathy. To be sensitive. To be mindful. To be gentle.

Gentleness will save humanity
Beatrix the brushtail possum taught me about gentleness and the power of the G-Force. Both Heidi and I fell in love with her the moment that Heidi undertook to look after her as a tiny orphan joey. Each time I saw her I fell in love with her all over again.


Recently our very first orphaned possum that we raised from a tiny joey was killed. She reminded me of the power of gentleness.

Beatrix was such a beautiful, calm and gentle girl. She new instinctively from when she was brought to us that we were there to care for her. There was a deep trust that developed between us.

Once she had grown to a size that she could be released Beatrix decided to stay close by us. We would regularly see her at night. Beatrix would tap on our glass sliding door to say hello and we would occasionally feed her and stroke her soft downy fur.

There was always a deep sense of joy and gratitude that would take over us when we saw her. This energy of goodness, the G-Force, or simply the Force, would ground us into the present moment and to what was important to us.

It was sad the following day to dig a hole in our garden to bury her lifeless body. This sadness was tempered with memories of this gentle soul as we stroked her body.

What is it to be human?
As I buried Beatrix, the deep sense of grief was coupled with great joy as I remembered what she meant to us. Each thought I had of her as a stroked her soft downy fur for the last time left me feeling that energy that I felt every time we had seen her when she was alive. Burying her helped me to be able to say goodbye in a way that would allow us to remember the gifts that she had given us.

Human Nature

Death is a reminder that we all one day must return to the earth. Our bodies are mere vessels whos elements are recycled back into the earth by similar microorganisms that we no doubt gave us life and breath when we were alive.

In Star Wars, the Jedi, and other Force users accessed the Force with the help of midi-chlorians, which were microscopic organisms inside their cells. [2]

What we think of ourselves as being ‘human’, and disconnected from the rest of the earth’s creatures and somehow superior is a total fallacy when we consider that our bodies are made up of carbon and water and more than half your body is made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea (organisms originally mis classified as bacteria) outnumbering your cells. [2]

Our True Nature

Burying Beatrix was a ritual about remembering. Remembering who we are – of this earth. We are all earthlings.

Rediscovering our human nature
Spending time in nature and connecting to the Force is important if we are to ever rediscover our nature, our true human nature.


Re – membering is about making us whole again. It is to remind us that human nature, isn’t about aggression and war. Instead human nature is gentlesness, is being sensitive to the earth and being attuned to everything around us. It is through connecting and grounding ourselves to nature that we discover our true nature.

Re-membering is about making us whole again. About closing the endless circle of life and death and knowing it is a cycle.

Rediscovering  human nature
Our humility we will discover is what makes us human and our true nature as humans comes from our connection with the Earth.


A dictionary definition of ‘meek’ is someone who is quiet and gentle. The definition goes on to say that they are easily imposed upon and submissive.

I think that there is great strength in meekness or gentleness. Someone who is gentle is sensitive to those around them. They practice forebearance, patient self-control, restraint and tolerance.

They also often exhibit great humility. It is humility that makes us human. It is humility that reconnects us to the earth or ‘humus’.

Tree Force
Earth yourself regularly and through grounding yourself you will discover the present. It is in this gift of the present that you will come to your senses once more. You will rediscover how nature communicates with us through energy and how we are energetic beings intimately connected to the Earth. Through nature we will discover what it really means to be human, of this Earth.

I believe that our future existence relies on our ability to connect to our humanity. To connect regularly and intimately to the earth. To ground ourselves and re-align our energies to the earth. Energy is information and by grounding ourselves we are uploading the earth’s information and wisdom and re-discovering and integrating this into our energy systems. By regularly grounding ourselves we remember what is really like to be human. It is through connecting to that feeling of goodness do we connect to our Godness.

It is through gentleness and humility, through connecting to the Force, through discovering our 1G communication system can we discover our humanity.

It is of no coincidence that the Bible says,

‘The meek shall inherit the Earth’.


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