Forli In Love: How Music Can Make Us Fall In Life

Music To My Heart

Music can have an incredible effect . It can draw us in and touch our heart. It speaks to our soul. It can make us lose our mind as we fall in love with place and lose track of time lost in the moment’s embrace.


Walking through the main street of the Italian town of Forli as we make our way down the Via Emilia on our way to Jerusalem, I began to hear the sweet sound of an accordion player wafting in the air.

The canyonous buildings lining the old street funnelled the sweet ambrosia to my ears. Immediately I was entranced.

All thoughts of the heat of the late morning summer sun, the aches and pains, the sore and tired feet evaporated in an instant. All these thoughts melted away Daliesquely as did time. The waves caught me in their gentle and lulling current and with each step forward I floated closer and closer, blissfully drowning.

Music can have an incredible effect upon our soul. It can play at our heart strings till our very being begins to reverberate symphothetically with the lightness it contains.

I couldn’t struggle, the Siren’s song was inescapable, impossible to resist. I was drawn towards the light, floating on an invisible cloud, drawing me in till all thought dissolved into the nothingness of one’s presence.

The cobble stones underfoot disappeared, miraculously made smooth by the waves of music – not by constant abrasion over milenia but by an almost atom-bending, molecule-relaxing letting go.


Standing there listening to the waves gently lapping against the shores of my soul I felt my heart opening. The music came knocking at the door, beckoning my heart to open and flooding me with oceans of delight, the sea of symphony.

Below is an audio recording of walking towards the music and listening to its enchanting tune. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, listen and maybe you to can fall in love with the street sounds of Forli:


Music has an incredible way, like falling in love in a single glance, to open the door to our heart. To play at our heart strings till we begin to reverberate symphothetically to the light that music opens us up to.

Forli In Love

In those moments when thoughts disappear and we are one with the music I fall in love over and over again tolife with each harmonious note. I forget my mortality, I am ageless, timeless, I lose my mind, my body, and I am one with the music, I am one with the moment, falling in love in Forli.

Blog post written 28th August 2017



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  • Margaret Hunt

    Thank you again, I am so enjoying sharing your blogs, a wonderful writer.

    • David Cuschieri

      Thanks again Margaret, much appreciated 🙂

  • Andrew Stimson

    And a great photographer too.

    • David Cuschieri

      Thanks Andrew you are too kind.