Soulitude: The Power of Natural Silence

Soulitude: is the undistracted time spent on one’s own in nature
helping us to connect to our soul.

There are moments in our life where we need answers to pressing questions. This is the time when we allow us to retreat from ‘our world’ and journey into nature. Solitude will help you find the answers you seek by listening to nature as she reveals your soul.


Nature can provide us comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble. She can help alleviate distress simply by being in her presence. Often we can forget our troubles for just a while. Just long enough that we can gain a different perspective.
Nature allows us to get out of our mind and re-connect to our body. She literally can bring us back to our senses and into the present moment.


Retreating into nature need not be an expedition into the deep and dark recesses of the Amazon rainforest. Many of us live very busy lives. Simply spending 10 minutes in the park in your lunch break can have a calming effect. Simply connecting to nature around you, breathing in the fresh air and catching the scent of flowers in bloom can enliven our senses.

Flying Solo

It is very important to fly solo for a while. To switch off your mobile phone and access to social media, emails and others, and allow your mind to wander. What you will discover is that those pressing questions that keep revolving in your mind disappear and you become lost in the present moment.

Sometimes the best advice isn’t that given by others
but the soul whispers we hear in moments of so(u)litude.

Often when we feel ‘stuck’, we ask others for guidance and advice. This is great, but sometimes you simply need to switch off, tune out and allow your mind to soften into nature. Allow yourself time to ‘fly’ for awhile unencumbered and not weighed down by the heaviness of thoughts. Discover the lightness of being when you are in the present moment.

Time Out

Time out from your busy day will help you reconnect with your inner self. There will always be countless things to do, but relaxing into nothingness will calm you right down. In this restive state you are able to hear your inner voice begin to speak to you. It begins with a whisper, but the more time you spend in the arms of nature, she will begin to speak and drown out the background thoughts.

This is your intuition or ‘inner knowing’ speaking.

Often we believe that we need to seek answers outside of ourselves.
Nobody knows you better than your soul.

Solitude gives you the chance to connect to yourself on a deeper soul level. All the answers you need are already within you.

Solitude allows you to slow down and for answers to find you.

My Solo Guidance System

By allowing yourself time out to be immersed in nature, you will begin to really develop your Soul Guidance System. My Soul Guidance System has strengthened over the years. I enjoy retreating into the Gold Coast hinterland and its incredible mountain forests. In this environment my intuition becomes strong. With the single purpose of being present in my environment my background thoughts melt away. I become a missile flying on its singular mission to reach its target.

I allow my senses to be filled by the incredible aromas, sights, textures and sounds around me. In this relaxed state I ask for guidance.

Animal Spirit Guide

Before I start a hike in the bush I ask for guidance from nature in the form of an animal spirit guide. I find it uncanny how nature and the universe never fails to deliver what I have asked for. My most recent walk I had my wishes fulfilled as soon as I entered the forest. A beautiful carpet snake was in the middle of the path.

I understood instinctively that it was answering my request. The snake symbolised the shedding of old thoughts and ways of being. Being in a relaxed state allowed me to be able to understand the gift I had been given.

Down Time

It is important to experience ‘down time’.
Just like a piece of machinery needs regular rest and maintenance, so do we.
When we fail to provide this we run the risk of ‘burning out’.

It takes much longer to recover from burn out then the regular maintenance we can give ourselves by taking time out.

In fact regular ‘down time’ is crucial for our happiness and well-being. Many view happiness as that euphoric feeling when everything feels good in our world. Just like machines will sooner burn out if they are left on, we humans need a break from happiness. We require balance. Without down time we wouldn’t recognise the times we feel ‘really’ happy.

Heartist's Journey
Spending time in nature can help you gain a different perspective.

Decision Time

By spending time connecting with nature you will find that those hard decisions become easier to make. In fact, by developing our intuition through spending time in the solitude of nature, you will re-discover your connection to the oneness and the answers to your questions will have been answered simply because you have listened to the signs that nature had provided you.

Nature will provide you a different perspective. When we simply ease into just being, the answers and the different viewpoints we need just simply happen.

Discover Your True Nature

Time alone in nature will make you realise that you can never be alone when we are all one. Whether it is simply being present to the flower you hold in your hand or going for a long walk in nature, you will discover a piece of you that is revealed through slowing down. Solo time in nature allows you to discover your soul on a deeper level. Listening and observing the cues nature provides will help you gain a deeper understanding of your true nature. Simply allowing yourself to let go into the flow of nature will help you find the true answers to what your soul needs.


So whether you have five minutes or five days, make sure you allow yourself to lose your mind and come to your senses immersed in the presence of nature. Allow yourself to fly solo, listen to your Soul Guidance System and you will discover through practising soulitude that all the answers you seek have always been within. Nature simply provides a way to access your inner knowing.

Heartist's Journey
Nature can provide a gateway to your inner knowing.


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