Make Every Day A Work Of Heart

Live Your Passion

What if today you could begin your day filled with great love?
What if you just couldn’t wait to get out of bed to start the day
and experience all the excitement and joy that lay ahead?

You Choose

Today can be that day if we choose it to be.
It begins by not letting fear prevent us from living the life of our dreams.
Every day is an opportunity to let go of who we think we are
and discover who we really are.

Who Are You?

And who are you?
You are an infinite being.
You are capable of more than you give yourself credit for.
You are incredible and what you can create is limitless
if you can see beyond the confines of your mind.

Is Fear Keeping You Small

Fear can keep us living small lives.
Chasing the illusion of ‘security’ can build fences around us,
and within this comfort zone,
many of us leave discontented lives.

Find Your Passion

When we find our passion often the universe
helps us see that it is our life purpose.
Find that hidden talent, that interest, that desire.
That thing that makes you feel you are being true to yourself.
Feed that fire and watch the passion ignite and burn away any fear.

Live Your Purpose

Share your love with others.
It is difficult to keep the light of your fire hidden
when it is set ablaze.
Take a chance with life.
Begin to live your true purpose
whatever obstacles may come your way.

Live With Love

You were meant for great things.
You can create great things with love.
Let your love give you renewed life.
Let your life inspire others and set the whole world alight
with joy, happiness and fulfillment.

The words above are an exerpt from the introduction to
Make Every Day A Work Of Heart
available for purchase online from The Happiness Shop.
It contains inspirational quotes by some of the greatest people who have ever lived
and has been designed to be able to pick up on any page and read
whenever you need that shot of inspiration!

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  • Margaret Hunt

    Thank you for the inspiration, beautiful words and walking yourvtalk x

    • David Cuschieri

      Thanks so much Margaret for your lovely words of encouragement.