Your Inner Wild: Accessing The Magic of Creativity and Intuition

Your Wild Interior

We all contain a wild interior or inner wild. It is a vast universe filled with possibilities. When we learn to harness this energy we can enhance our creativity, hone our intuition and manifest wellness and and abundance in our lives.

This article explores my journey as a creative to accessing my inner wild – this powerful part of my soul. I wrote this days before leaving for London for the adventure of a lifetime walking to Jerusalem.

Ideas Are Real

There is an excitement that happens when a wild idea takes hold and is no longer a thought but begins to manifest as ‘reality’. There is great magic and a sense of child-like excitement that transpires when what seems like a fanciful idea at the time goes from a possibility to a certainty.

Going on a long walk for me was one of those wild ideas. Since backpacking through Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia when I was in my early twenties I have longed to experience that feeling of exploring new places, discovering new cultures and diving headlong into the unknown again.

Other’s Expectations

The infinite possibilities of youth quickly gets replaced by conformity, of limitations, expectations and responsibilities.

Pretty heavy stuff really. Stuff that has never really sat well with me. So for over two decades I have played the ‘society game’. I’ve been a good boy, I’ve worked hard, I’ve sacrificed at times present happiness for future ‘security’, I’ve paid my taxes and lived up to other’s expectations of what is considered ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’. Society is about containing our energy, slowing it down to what it deems acceptable. Conforming is about confining and containing our wild energy.

Letting Go Of Responsibility

Sooner or later you can only put anyone under enough pressure and they begin to crack. I have seen myself over the past eight years or so begin to notice myself ‘cracking’. The first signs were excelerated aging. I have seen all the years of stress of my work both physically and mentally have taken their toll on my well being. I felt ‘burned out’ for some time even if I hate to admit it as the younger thirty something year old bursting with vitality felt that saying you’re ‘burnt out’ was a cop out for not taking responsibility for one’s life. I had ceded my responsibility to society.

Inner Child

From the outside any other person will just say that aging is part of getting older. That you’re body naturally begins to fall apart and aches and pains and all kinds of aging disease take hold. I am feeling this yet refuse to let this be my ‘reality’. I am forty six years old and within me there is the six year old boy with the energy and enthusiasm who always dreamed of being an explorer ready to take control of the adult body.

Yes, the adult has been ‘good’ for too many years, and it is time for him to reconnect with his inner child. We all have an ‘inner child’. With some men especially it is clear that the child has never ‘grown up’. Many men are little boys in big bodies.

Children Don’t Understand Boundaries

That inner child doesn’t understand ‘boundaries’.

To them the entire world is a magical place. It is their playground to play and create. To dream and make believe come true. Because it is when we begin to believe that the magic happens. Someone once said that the most powerful thing in the world is a thought who’s time has come. I am a creative, and so this particularly rings true. I see magic manifest every day in my life.

Connect To Your Inner Wild
The universe reveals itself through silence.

Finding Eternity In A Moment

I am not special or ‘gifted’. We are all super creative and it is simply about tapping into our souls. It is about listening in quiet to our muse. It is about allowing ourselves moments through each day of stillness. No matter how busy you may be even a split second can contain an eternity of stillness.

Harnessing Your Inner Joy

Inner joy is where we will find our energy.

My way of connecting to that stillness is simply to observe things around me. Nature for me is where I go to re-energise and ‘re-group’. Whether it is noticing a flower in bloom on a walk to a meeting or listening to the magpies calling outside my office window, this is where I find my ‘inner-joy’ or energy. Joy contains a higher vibration than sadness and depression. Have you noticed when you are sad and depressed you feel drained and lack-lustre? However, when you connect to your ‘inner-joy’ you feel light and filled with energy.


Something happens to me when I allow myself to simply be lost in the moment. I lose my mind and connect to my heart. Lost in nature I begin to sense connections between everything. Silence in nature is allowing my ‘inner knowing’ or intuition to be heard. We are all also highly intuitive as we are creative. Again, nature can become a way to open that door and access the infinite.

Creating Magic

Once we understand and access the power of nature to help us lose our mind and open our hearts this is where magic happens. When you access your creativity and inner tuition you are ready to let your inner child run wild.

Your Inner Wild

Inside of us all there is an inner wild.
Fear brings out the beast in us – destructive negative traits like violence, anger, jealousy, and anxiety. Love brings the best in us.
Creativity, passion, compassion, empathy, connectedness.

This inner wild is that inner child that hasn’t forgotten that the world is filled with magic and that anything is possible if we allow our belief to make things manifest.

Become A Master Manifester

We create our own reality. That is something I have always believed. Others may not agree with my philosophy but it works for me. I take responsibility for everything in my life regardless if I can find a logical connection to a though I may have had or action I have taken. Our conscious mind is the tip of an iceberg of our unconscious mind that lies below the surface. We attract situations and crises in our lives to teach us what we need to know at this time.

Going To The Dark Side

A few days ago after training too hard as I will be shortly be going on a pilgrimage from London to Jerusalem which will be over three thousand kilometre of walking. I haven’t had much time to train as I have frantically been finishing off projects so I can close shop for six months to go on this odyssey. The anxiety of knowing that I am running out of time to train and the fact that I have been pushing myself mentally and physically for the past two months finally gave way. On a thirty kilometre walk after twenty kilometres my gluteal muscles started to seriously seize up. After five more kilometres I was in agony. Fearing that I had sustained nerve damage thinking it was bursitis I went into a spin.

inner wild
The worse can only happen if we imagine it so.

Fear Manifests

My fear of not being ‘ready’ for the walk and the social embarrassment of not completing the walk had manifested my condition. Through a few days of rest, physiotherapy, and speaking with a good friend who was able to highlight things clearly for me, the pain has dissipated. I had feared that I may have to cancel the trip – I now know that as my friend says, ‘your body knows what to do – so let it do it’. I created the situation and through inner guidance as well as external guidance and support I was able to learn my lesson and heal.

Accessing Your Inner Wild

If you seek creative ideas go walking.
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.
Raymond I. Myers

To access our infinite creativity and innate knowingness requires allowing yourself to slow down, close your mind and open your heart. Nature may provide an open door to you as it does for me. Walking in nature may provide you a gateway to manifest magic in your life. To use your heart to see clearly, to gain greater connection and tap into the infinite energy and abundance that is yours if you believe.

Reconnecting To My Inner Wild

The journey I am about to undertake is for many reasons which will no doubt be a whole article in itself. The biggest reason is to reconnect to my inner wild. To taste the sense of adventure. To hone my intuition and trust it more often. To, through the slow exercise of walking, begin to reflect deeply. To re-connect to that inner child who believes in magic. To become powerful in my manifesting. To know that walking in the unknown doesn’t have to be fearful but heartful. It can exciting and incredible. It can be exhilerating. It is living moment to moment and being open to the infinite possibilities that each moment contains. This is a walk to rediscover that inner child ready to take that magical carpet ride.

Letting Go

As the day of departure is now but days away, I see the incredible journey I have taken in the past two months to get to where I am at now. This is no longer a fanciful idea of a middle aged man beginning to feel his mortality. It is about to become a reality and a journey that is gifting me with the opportunity to get to know my wild interior.

I have had to make great sacrifices for this journey to come together. Long work hours starting at three thirty in the morning. Couple this with the ‘reality’ of being self-employed and shutting my interior design business means that I will have little income for the next six months and the thought that I will be coming back to having to ‘start again’. I have had to trust my heart and not my head and be comfortable in not knowing and having to control all aspects of my life.

With one foot in front of the other, from moment to moment, with magic dust in my pockets and wild adventures no doubt that lay ahead, the journey begins…



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  • Heidi

    Love this article xx

    • David Cuschieri

      Thanks Hun xx

  • Paul Haines

    David, I love your writing and I am so enjoying following your journey. I’m really sorry I didn’t get the chance to talk with you as much as I would have liked to, when Gaynor and I were walking with the group from London to Canterbury. I can see the similarities and the differences of your journey, and that of my journey, when I walked from London to Rome, then Rome to Jerusalem in 2014/2015.
    I had come from a long period of ill-health and was wanting to seize life back from time I considered had been lost. Walking for me has become an infectious adventure full of unexpected meetings and experiences. I have always woken up excited for what the day would bring.
    I put something together for a Pilgrimage weekend at Canterbury Cathedral which I would love to send to you. I’ll try sending it on the link that your blog comes through on.
    Wishing you, and all with you, much love and encouragement for the days ahead.
    Paul Haines (Peace Walk on Facebook!)

    • David Cuschieri

      Hi Paul, thank you for your message and whenever we did chat together I was inspired by your story, your humility and quiet depth of character.
      Thank you for the link you sent through. If anyone is reading this, here is the link to the Pilgrimage weekend at Canterbury Cathedral
      I look forward to following your journey and keeping in touch.
      Big hugs, David