Pilgrim’s Creed

Nettles. Brambles. Thorns. Thistles.

Itches. Scratches. Stinging. Rashes. Cuts. Gashes.

Inclines. Declines. Uphill. Downhill. Ups. Downs. Precipitous.

Slips. Strains. Sprains. Soreness. Swelling. Cramps. Pain.

Sun. Blistering. Sunshine. Sunburn. Heat. Rash.
Perspiration. Sweating. Stripping. Covering.

Humid. Red. Raw. Fahrenheit.

Thirst. Hunger. Tiredness. Exhaustion. Breathlessness.

Dapple. Shade. Cold. Chills. Fever. Sweats.

Wind. Shielding. Icy. Chapping. Cracking. Drying. Scratching.

Rough. Terrain. Flat. Hard. Constant.
Sore. Feet. Rubbing. Blisters. Limping.

Gravity. Heavy. Back. Joints. Muscles. Aches.
Burning. Pushing. Strain. Pins and needles.

Damp. Grey. Wet. Rain. Stormy. Muddy.
Slippery. Drizzle. Pelting. Driving. Shivering.

Miles. Winding. Straight. Unending. Shadeless.
Hedges. Dead Ends. Wrong Turn. Lost. Panic. Back Track.

Speed. Motorway. Lorries. Noise. Diesel.
Rush. Rush Hour. Standstill. Delay. Impatience.

Sleep. Little sleep. No sleep. Red eyes. Early. Late.

Pollen. Sneezing. Sniffling. Coughing.
Watery. Itching. Scratching. Redness.

Cramps. Nausea. Vomit. Diahorrhea.
Constipation. Stuck. Bloated. Listless.

Slow. Slow down. Stop. Tomorrow.

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