Detour: What Change Can Teach Us About Life


The long way round.
Plans rerouted.
Inconvenience becomes acceptance after sulky irritation has passed.
A different path. A new perspective.
Unexplored avenues for discovery. Unexpected joy.
A turn for the better on a road rarely walked.
A tour de light.

I wrote these words today while walking along the Canal Lateral de la Marne. It is a long straight canal that goes on for miles, so I was able to multi task!  In fact we walked about 35 kilometres of it today.

I was thinking how real life is full of twist and turns and as the saying goes, ‘God laughs at those who make plans’.

Life's twists and turns
Walking along a canal in France I started thinking how life isn’t so straight as these man made waterways but filled with twists and turns.

Be Open to Change

Even in our daily lives we can experience detours or change of plans. Many of us get all huffy about the most minor inconsequential inconveniences.

Instead, see them as opportunities for growth. For instance, if you order a coffee and the skinny soy latte in a mug that you ordered comes out in a cup don’t let it ruin your day.

Change of Direction

We need to be more flexible to change. Often the more inflexible we are to change the more life will ‘test’ us with situations to teach us flexibility. Life has a way to teach us things if we only get out of our own way and learn from what it is trying to teach us we wont have to keep repeating the same lessons!

The Long Way Round

Life is never a straight road, it is filled with twists and turns, side roads, by ways, and diversions. In fact life would be pretty short and boring if it was all one straight and narrow highway.

A Tour De Light

Life becomes interesting even exciting when we go with the flow and take on what it has to teach us. By wandering on different paths we can gain new perspectives, discover new vistas and unexpected serendipitous moments.

Life is full of detours. When we are open to change we can experience the richness of what life has in store for us.


These are life’s gifts even if at first we may not see them as such. Be open to the new, the unexpected, the unplanned.

Let life take you on the backroads. Be open to change and to experience a tour of pure delight.










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  • Karen McLachlan

    The older we get, the more we get set in our ways and we don’t like change. Some people get so irate at change that they go kicking and fighting into the futue.
    I have seen this many times in the work place as I myself got so sick and tired of the old adage “Rise to the Challenge”, which was the employers way of telling you that get with the program or get out.
    I got to the point that I hated that word “Challenge”.

    • David Cuschieri

      Hi Karen,
      I empathise with you. ‘Rising to the Challenge’ can often me really bad management which creates constant unnecessary unproductive change and stress. In those work situations sometimes the best thing is to get out and that may be the learning.

  • Margaret Hunt

    I love the ‘cup” reference, it is amazing how the smallest thing can suck us dry of the perception to see opportunity when it lands with coffee xx

    • David Cuschieri

      Thanks Margaret – the smallest things can suck as dry and leave us with less energy with the important things. Xx